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Why You Need Breast Surgery? A Few Things to Know Before Undergoing this Procedure

There are many reasons why you should go for a breast surgery. Either for breast reduction or breast lifting the surgery is undergone. While many women go for this surgery for breast reduction and some do it for cosmetic purpose too. Even men undergo this surgery to get a tight chest.

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Why Would You Need A Breast Surgery?

When the size is to be reduced or to give relief from pain caused by large size of breast or to reposition the breast reduction surgery is done. Women do get a great relief from back pain, neck pain etc., caused by excess weight. You can easily find clothes that fit you properly.

When you undergo this surgery, the excess fat and tissues are removed and breasts are given a new firm shape and reduced size.

If you are one who is embarrassed about your breast size when participating in functions or other activities then this surgery helps you to love yourself and increase your self-confidence.

One may not have proportionate breast size for their body shape. When your shoulder frame is narrow and the breast size is large, it may not look good. With this surgery, you can have your desired size and feel comfortable.

Things You Must Know Before Having a Breast Surgery

Like a scar, the impressions caused by the surgery will remain. For some it fades off within a year.

There is a chance of getting reduced sensation in nipples, though it may come back after some months. Ensure with your surgeon if you have any special concern for this.

Before you go for breast surgery, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. Ask surgeon questions to avoid future confusion regarding the procedure and outcome of your surgery.

Chances are more likely that after surgery breastfeeding may not be possible. There is no guarantee that you may not be affected.

Though this surgery is done in few hours, you may feel tired the whole day. It may take couple of weeks for you to come to normal life. Ensure that you take few days off from work.

Though there are so many benefits in having breast surgery, there is some risk too.

  • Misplacement of nipples
  • Asymmetric positioning of breast
  • Some allergic reaction

Though breast reduction surgery has some risks, women who undergo this surgery have increased self-confidence, physical health and great satisfaction. There are a lot of surgeons in Texas, so do thorough research before selecting one.

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