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What to Do when Using your Infrared Sauna

Have you recently purchased the best infrared sauna and want to learn to use it correctly? If so, knowing some expert tips can greatly benefit you and improve your sauna experience.

Reach every tip below to keep you safe while sauna bathing and get the health benefits possible:

Set Proper Temperature

The majority of infrared saunas can reach up to 140 degrees to 150 degrees. If you are new to sauna bathing, you should start at a lower temperature until you can build your tolerance. Typically, you can start at 110 degrees to 130 degrees. If you tend to have frequent sauna sessions, set the sauna from 130-150 degrees or at the sauna’s maximum temperature. Keep in mind that the higher the temperature the better results you will get and the better your health will improve.

Wear Proper Clothing

In terms of sauna attire, you want to opt for lighter clothing. Bulky cotton clothing can absorb your sweat which can be quite uncomfortable and irritating. The best sauna attire includes gym clothes or swimsuits since they allow sweat to easily fall off of you.

Remove any Accessories

Although accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings might look great on you, they should not be worn inside the sauna. The majority of accessories are made of metal, which is a good heat conductor. Thus, they tend to get very hot and can burn you while inside the sauna. Even accessories like fitness trackers and smartwatches should not be worn because they use batteries that are quite sensitive to heat.

Stay Hydrated

An infrared sauna can greatly increase your body temperature and make you sweat. Because you lose lots of sweat while bathing, you must stay hydrated when using the sauna. If you want to have the best benefits, consume water before you enter the sauna, during your sauna session, and after it. Just keep in mind not to keep regular water bottles when using the sauna. Such kind of bottles uses cheap plastic that bleeds chemicals into the water when exposed to extreme heat. Because of this, you should invest in a high-quality BPA free water bottle because they are safe and can keep you hydrated.

Use Many Towels

You will need one towel to sit on to capture the sweat that falls off your body. Another towel is needed to pat yourself down. When in the sauna, you can sweat profusely and the sweat can get in your eyes and mouth which can be irritating.

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