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Lasik Eye Surgery: What you Should Know

Lasik eye surgery is a very popular treatment to correct vision problems, which is also known as refractive surgery and this is often preferred over eye-glasses or contact lenses. The following vision issues might be treated with LASIK surgery.

  • Nearsightedness – Technically called myopia, means the eyeball is slightly longer than normal and the cornea curves sharply and light reflects on the front of the retina, which distorts distant vision. This does not affect short vision, only distance vision; eye LASIK (known as ทำเลสิค in Thai) surgery is performed by a skilled doctor, who uses a special cutter laser to remove some of the tissue at the front of the cornea.
  • Farsightedness – Known as hyperopia, this is a shorter than normal eyeball, either that or the cornea is too flat, which means that light reflects from behind the retina, rather than on it. This can impact near vision, making things blurry and LASIK eye surgery might be the best treatment.
  • Astigmatism – This occurs when the cornea moves unevenly, which can disrupt near and distance vision. The eye doctor would carry out an eye examination and he or she might recommend LASIK eye surgery.

Risks associated with LASIK eye surgery

All forms of surgery carry risk and for LASIK eye surgery, the following risks exist.

  • Dry eyes – LASIK eye surgery causes a decrease in the production of tears, which is nature’s way of keeping the eye surfaces wet. This could occur for up to 6 months after the surgery; eye drops can relieve this and can be used until normal tear production resumes.
  • Glare & double vision – Post surgery, you might find it harder to see at night, but this only lasts a few days. Another possibility is increased light sensitivity, with a light halo appearing in your vision.
  • Under/over corrections – Even a precise laser might be slightly misaligned, and either under or over corrections might need to be done with a second laser session.
  • Change in vision – Although very rare, a change in vision is possible, which might mean worse than before the surgery. In such a case, another session is scheduled to correct this.

If you have vision issues, we recommend booking an appointment with a leading eye doctorand let the specialist examine your eyes. Of course, there are other forms of laser eye surgery and the healthcare provider would recommend the best treatment.

Google can help you to find the best eye doctor in Bangkok and hopefully, your vision problems can be corrected.

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