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How to Prepare for Nose Surgery

It is always necessary to meet with your surgeon before scheduling rhinoplasty to discuss critical elements that will influence whether or not the surgery will be successful. The following items are often discussed at this meeting.

Medical History

The most crucial thing your doctor will ask you is about your reasons for undergoing surgery and your expectations from the procedure. Your doctor will also ask you various questions about your medical history, such as if you have had any nasal obstructions in the past, whether you have had any operations, and whether you are taking any medicines. Nose surgery may not be an option for you if you suffer from a blood problem such as haemophilia.


Your doctor will do a very thorough physical examination as well as any necessary laboratory tests, such as blood testing, on you. Your doctor will also inspect your facial characteristics and the inside and outside of your nose throughout the examination to ensure the most natural, beautiful nose surgery (known as เสริมจมูกสวยธรรมชาติ in Thai) results.

The physical exam assists your doctor in determining what adjustments are necessary and how your physical characteristics, including the thickness of your skin or the strength of the cartilage at the end of your nose, may influence your outcome. The physical examination is also important in establishing the impact of rhinoplasty on your ability to breathe.

Discuss Expectations

Always discuss your motives and expectations for the procedure with your doctor. They will clarify what rhinoplasty can and cannot accomplish for you, as well as what you may expect because of the procedure. When addressing your physical appearance, it’s normal to feel a bit self-conscious. Still, you must be honest with your surgeon about your wants and expectations for the operation itself.

If you have a smallish chin, your surgeon may discuss the possibility of undergoing surgery to increase the size of your chin with you. This is because a tiny chin will give the appearance of a bigger nose. Even though chin surgery is not necessary in certain cases, doing so may improve the overall balance of one’s facial profile.

Take Pictures

During your physical examination, somebody from the doctor’s office will take several pictures of your nose. These images will be taken from various angles. The photos are then uploaded onto a computer where your doctor can manipulate the image to show you an idea of what results are possible with surgery. The pictures taken and the images you agree upon will be used during the surgery as a comparison tool.

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