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Fitness Tips – Ways to Guarantee You Honour Your Gym Membership

Lots of people join the gym with good intentions, but most fall by the wayside and never achieve their goals. Joining a gym is the easy part, the hard part is motivating yourself to go at least 3 times a week to ensure you reach your objective. Having the right attitude and using a few of the tricks mentioned below can help you to stay on track and transform your body.


When it comes to working out, you’ll find that people who succeeded are generally the ones who are internally motivated. They want to achieve results for themselves and this spurs them on when they train. If you are externally motivated you tend to give up on your goals because you are doing it for a reason other than yourself. So, if you decide to join a gym in Bangkok (known as โรงยิมพัฒนาการ in Thai), make sure your intentions are good.

Baby Steps

One of the main reasons why so many people stop using their gym membership is because they do too much too soon. If you haven’t been to the gym in a while or this is the first time you’ve stepped foot inside the door, take your time with training. When you push yourself too hard at the beginning, you get sore, injured, and discouraged. Take your time and when you start to feel stronger and fitter, raise the bar and progress.

Keep it Fresh

Even regular gym-goers get bored training and that is why you’ll see them take a break from their training to try something new. One of the main principles of training is variety, if you don’t mix it up you get bored of the same routines. In addition, you won’t progress if you keep doing the same type of training. Here are some training techniques you can try to keep things fresh:

  • High/Low-Intensity Interval Training
  • Group Classes – spin, aerobics, etc.
  • Machine to free weights
  • Strength training to endurance training

There are lots of different ways to add variety to your training routines. If you know little about exercise, you can talk to your local gym instructor.

When you make your workout a part of your daily routine, you don’t feel right when you skip a session at the gym. Pushing yourself to train can be difficult, so it helps to exercise with a personal trainer or bring along a friend. When you reach certain goals, don’t forget to celebrate.

Smart home gym equipment like the Hydrow Rower may be worth it for your workout sessions. It gives you a realistic rowing experience, thanks to its water resistance.

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