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Effective and Easily Applicable Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores

There are multiple pores or tiny openings on our skin that release oil and sweat. They are even connected to hair follicles thus play an important role in maintaining our skin health. Sometimes, they are larger because of the formation of acne, damage to the skin due to sun, excess sebum production and usage of inferior quality cosmetics.

These large pores give your face a dull appearance and are sure to be clogged with dirt, dead cells, oil and prone to be easily infested by bacteria. There are high chances of falling prey to many skin health issues and the aging of skin happens fast. Hence, there is a need to minimize the size of the pores.

There are many ways to get rid of large pores or bring them back to normal size. The most applicable and easy remedy is to contact a well- expertise cosmologist or dermatologist in your city. Natives of Tsim Sha Tsui are lucky to have the most famous skin clinic, Retens nearby. They provide all kinds of skin treatments and cosmetic surgery that suits your needs. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact them if you have 毛孔粗大.

How to minimise the size of your skin pores?

·         It is time to understand your skin tone. Many people use skincare and beauty products without understanding their skin tone. That results in enlarging the pores. You can stop using them and consult a dermatologist to rightly state your skin type and buy cosmetic products accordingly.

·         You need to avoid fully chemical-based cosmetic products. Some chemicals create excess sebum resulting in the oozing of the oil outside making the pores larger. Gradually, you feel skin irritation and realise the formation of acne. The products containing salicylic acid is good however need to be used once or twice a week as they dry the skin. Then the sebaceous glands boost the sebum production leading to oiliness.

·         People having oily skin are more troubled by large size skin pores. It can be controlled to an extent by doing deep-cleansing facial scrub once a week. They should avoid comedogenic products which aren’t water-based.

·         Cleansers based on natural ingredients are best to clear your face, remove dirt and keep the moisture level of your skin well-maintained. However, there is a need to use the face wash, cleanser rightly as instructed by your dermatologists otherwise there are chances of experiencing side effects.

·         The usage of exfoliating products is quite useful to maintain the general health of the skin. Normally, it is used once or twice a week as it removes excess flaking without affecting the skin texture. These products are even useful to treat acne.

·         Skipping the use of moisturizer makes the pores larger. Many people with oily skin feel that moisturizing their skin isn’t important however skin experts say it helps the sebum to penetrate deeper into skin thus reducing the oily feeling. Even 保濕面膜  is highly effective to minimise skin pores.  

·         Usage of a superior quality clay mask helps to clean the pores and make them look smaller. Even the skin would look less tan and dirt-free. People having 敏感肌can use it weekly once.

There are many beneficial ways to enjoy good skin health by consulting well-known dermatologists.

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