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Does The “Mintzberg Method” Really Work?

When a couple is having problems with their sex life, they are not at all alone. Statistics state that one out of three marriages that fail are those where there is an inability to communicate well. Communication can be difficult in any relationship but it can be especially difficult for couples where one or both partners are very shy around the sex. This is why couples therapy is so very important in the journey to having a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Sex In The Middle is a great program that helps couples improve their intimacy and communication through exercise and conversation. Couples are encouraged to ask each other questions and create a safe environment for communicating that will lead to increased intimacy in relationships. The Sex In The Middle program also teaches couples how to create intimacy in other areas like sports and fitness, or in a bedroom. All of this leads to improved relations, and less stress for both individuals and their partners.

Another area in which couples are challenged in having a fulfilling sex life is with how they approach their sexual intimacy, some may consult sexual dysfunction specialists like Premier Men’s Medical Center when facing difficulties. Many times couples will try to use physical intimacy too much, or will engage in activities outside of their comfort zone. Some may even try to use their “special gift” or role in a relationship as an excuse for not being intimate enough with their spouse. These behaviors not only lead to lessened sexual intimacy, they also lower the overall self-esteem of the partners involved. Having a positive and healthy approach to sexuality can be extremely helpful in improving relationships and the individual’s self-esteem.

The Mintzberg Method also teaches couples that the “miracle pill” for a long lasting sex life is not a magical drug, but is a series of small steps that couples can take toward enhancing their sexual encounters. The “Mintzberg Method” is not a quick fix, but it is a system that can help you enhance your intimate relationships. The “Mintzberg Method” consists of ten simple steps that couples can implement right away in their relationship to improve it. By taking the time to learn and practice these simple techniques, they can have a more fulfilling, intimate relationship. Some of the top areas that the Mintzberg Method focuses on are:

The “Mintzberg Method” also helps couples understand their partner’s needs and how best to meet those needs. Learning to listen to what your partner needs can give you a deeper understanding of them and how they view your relationship. This will in turn give you the confidence to be open and honest with them about your expectations and what you hope to achieve from your interactions. Finally, by learning to “self-flageurize” (or be more attentive and caring about your own needs), you will be able to meet all of your partner’s needs, including sexual needs, in a way that increases closeness and quality in your relationships.

The “Mintzberg Method” works, and it can work for your relationships. Couples who want sex less often or who have a difficult time being vulnerable may find that this method can help their relationship to thrive. Even if you and your partner are not having sex, you can still enhance the quality of your relationships and your connection by being more attentive and paying attention to your own needs. When you make the effort to learn how to communicate more sensually with your partner, you will both benefit from it.

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