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Decoding Live Resin: Experience The Effect And Aroma Of Terpenes!

Cannabis users are interested in pure, stronger experiences, and it is not surprising that the range of marijuana products has exploded in recent times. If you check the trends, you will be astonished to find the increasing demand for cannabis concentrates. A concentrate contains desired profiles of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and the focus is more on two compounds – THC and CBD. THC, for the uninitiated, is the only cannabinoid that produces a high that cannabis is known for. Live resin is one of the popular options in concentrates, and if you are wondering what is live resin, we have a guide below for your help.

The basics of live resin

Many dispensary and store owners know about live resin, but don’t know how it is produced. To staff off, live resin is a form of concentrate, and the production begins by freezing fresh flowers. The cannabis flowers used to make live resin are protected from various factors that can have an impact on the terpene profile, such as heat and light. The buds are kept at a freezing temperature during the entire production process, and while live resin may seem new, the extraction process has been in use since 2013.

Why is live resin so popular?

Concentrates are produced to get a much better cannabis effect, but live resin is different. It is more desirable because of its flavor and smell. Most of the time, concentrates are produced in a way that terpene profiles are affected, but that’s not the case with live resin. For the uninitiated, terpenes refer to the natural oils that are found in cannabis plant and add to the flavor and aroma of the strain. Note that people don’t like live resin for higher levels of THC and CBD, but more for the taste and essence. Users who love cannabis for the scent alone will benefit from the experience of live resin.

Things to know

Since temperatures are critical for producing live resin, there are only a few manufacturers that deal in this kind of concentrate. They use precise production methods, equipment and rely on specifics to ensure that the profile of the flowers is maintained. Technicians involved in the production of live resin take extra care to ensure that the solvent used in the production doesn’t impact the natural oils, and this is the precise reason why many stores buy live resin from known manufacturers only.

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