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Causes and Treatment of Spider Vein 

As you grow old, you will see a web of blue & red veins across your legs. You have dilated blood vessels similar to varicose veins, but small and close to the skin surface. These are spider veins visible around anywhere on your body. In the medical dictionary, these are called ‘Telangiectasia’.

What is the cause of the spider vein?

Increased pressure on the veins is one of the causes for suffering from spider vein issues. However, doctors are not aware of why it develops, but one thing they are sure is that the tendency to have them is hereditary. People whose job is to stand long like teachers and nurses are more inclined to develop pressure in their leg veins.

Symptoms of spider vein

  • Red & blue network of veins
  • Fatigue in the legs
  • Legs feel heavy
  • Swelling

Decrease spider vein risk

Development of spider vein conditions cannot be prevented but you can take specific steps to decrease the risk.

Lessen some pressure

Maintain your body weight and avoid sitting or standing for long will help in lessening some pressure on the legs. Doctors at the GVC clinic recommend patients to get up and move after every half an hour. When you sit for a long time then avoid crossing legs.

Keep your blood-pumping

Running or walking or doing workouts can increase blood circulation in your legs as well as strengthen the muscles.

Get support

Wear compression socks, if your task is to stand on your feet for a long time. It helps to prevent and manage the symptoms of spider veins.

Prop your feet up

Legs elevated higher than the heart is a great treatment for spider vein management as well as overall health.

Apply sunscreen

Sun exposure can cause spider veins on the nose and cheeks of people with light skin. The damages get minimized.

Treat varicose vein [if you have]

Varicose veins are large with valves that fail to function. This allows the blood to collect inside the veins rather than pushing it towards the heart. If the varicose veins condition gets treated the pressure in the veins and legs reduce, thus preventing the development of spider veins.

Spider vein treatment

At Gilvydis Vein Clinic, the vascular surgeons offer two treatment alternatives.

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser treatment

A spider vein is a cosmetic problem, so if you are comfortable there is no need for any treatment but in case you suffer from pain then consult the doctors at GVC.

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