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Can CBD help with recovery and athletic performance?

Regular sports participation can lead to severe injuries and inflammation. Even if there aren’t any physical injuries, inflammation and pain are inevitable in sports like the NFL.

The many benefits that CBD offers has been highlighted over the past few years by ongoing research. CBD is well-known for its ability to relieve pain and many are now calling it the next generation in medication.

CBD is also known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for those suffering from inflammation caused by injuries or other conditions. These benefits are in addition to stress relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, and improved sleep.

Pain Management

Research has shown that CBD can reduce pain and inflammation. This could prove to be beneficial for athletes who are involved in strenuous activities.

A 2018 World Health Organization report also shows that CBD is not susceptible to misuse or dependence, unlike THC and other pain-relieving drugs like opiates.

Stress Relief

Many believe that CBD has the greatest benefit for athletes in stress relief. The best training programs ensure that work and rest are balanced, so your nervous system is not overtrained or irritated. Many professional football players have had to deal with anxiety and stress.

Natural Adaptogen

Reishi mushrooms and echinacea are the two most famous traditional adaptogens, but CBD has now joined this roster of stress-relieving, performance-enhancing plants. Because CBD has the right benefits, it is a good choice.

Adaptogens protect the neuroendocrine and neurological systems from being overworked. According to a 1969 study, adaptogens should be stimulatory – but not create adverse effects. This is exactly what CBD does!

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