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4 Social responsibilities of a beauty brand

A brand has a social responsibility to ensure that its products are not harmful to the public. They should also be transparent in their ingredients and how they are made. Some brands go above and beyond by donating a portion of their sales to charity or providing volunteer opportunities.\

Let’s discuss Social responsibilities of a beauty brand:

  1. Ensure products are not harmful

Ingredients and how they are made should be transparent to the public.

  1. Be environmentally responsible

Products should be recyclable and made of sustainable materials. The brand itself should try to be as eco-friendly as possible.

  1. Do no harm

This is especially important when it comes to animal testing. Brands should not test on animals and use alternative methods whenever possible. The loreal brand is cruelty-free.

Animal testing:

There are many cruelty-free brands available that do not harm any living creatures in the making of their products.

Alternative methods:

There are various ways to test the safety of beauty products without involving animals. Some common methods include using human cells or computer models.

  1. Support body positivity

A brand should not only represent one type of beauty. All shapes, sizes, and colors should be celebrated. The brand should also aim to be inclusive in its marketing and advertising.

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